Moving to Seattle? Here are some areas you should consider living in!

Seattle is getting increasingly expensive, and the cost is only increasing. With rent and real estate skyrocketing in the metropolitan core, many locals are moving out to nearby communities to experience Seattle living at a fraction of the cost. If you're moving to the area, here are some places you should check out.

Columbia City

This area is full of great restaurants and cool shops. The neighborhood is diverse, and though the area is rapidly developing, it still maintains its charm. Sound Transit provides a quick and easy way to get into Seattle without having to sit through the infamous traffic, though honestly, Columbia City has just about everything you could want in a quirky, upbeat neighborhood.

Beacon Hill

Like Columbia City, Beacon Hill is also rapidly changing. This area is fantastic if you like a lot of diverse ethnic cuisines. There are plenty of incredible restaurants and cool bars, not to mention accessible ethnic grocery stores. It still sits on the Light Rail path, so traveling north and south into and out of downtown Seattle is a breeze.


Shoreline is further north from Seattle, but it's a great community to live in. The real estate is still relatively affordable compared to Seattle, but that will likely change soon given the light rail stop that is slated to open in the next few years. 


Renton is probably one of the last places where you might conceivably get a waterfront view that you can actually live with. The Renton Valley is hugged by both the mountains and Lake Washington, which provides for stunning views that will likely become million dollar views in a few more years. Renton is currently considered the third leg of the Seattle-Bellevue development spree, and with the growing number of Seattlelites moving in, it's one of the great up and coming areas to settle down in.

Quick Guide to Renton Landing

Westfield Southcenter is the largest shopping center in Washington, but while their many shops, restaurants and entertainment options are great, not everyone enjoys the hustle and bustle. For a similar selection of shopping, food, and entertainment with a much more laid back vibe, give Renton Landing a try.

The Landing, as the locals call it, is beautifully situated near the lake. It’s located right by Boeing’s Renton campus, and offers a similar variety of places to shop, things to do and conveniences to use as Southcenter. You can get everything you need done in one place, from food, grocery and electronics shopping, to visiting the dentist, the optometrist or the doctor. Once you’re exhausted from all of the shopping and errands, there are plenty of restaurants where you can fill up on food and drinks.

Most people go to the Landing for the big stores: Target, Marshall’s, and Ross. For those who like to bargain hunt, the Landing locations of Marshall’s and Ross do not get picked clean of great items as quickly as the Southcenter and Downtown Seattle locations do. Most of the time, these stores have slim pickings at their other location, quite simply because of the heavy amount of foot traffic they get. Better to start the Landing locations to get the best selection.

For anyone who works in Renton, the Landing is only a short drive away from most of the major employers in the area. Boeing is actually just a short walk away. Those who work at Providence Health and Services and Paccar are also just a short drive away from plenty of restaurants who can provide a fast and tasty lunch, while also having plenty of extra services for running whatever quick household errands necessary.

There are also plenty of extra pampering services too, from hair salons to nail salons to massage spas. It’s easy to conclude a day of running around with a quick pedicure, or have a date night after running errands with dinner and a movie.

The best part is, Renton Landing is only an 8 minute drive from Sunrise Suites Highlander!

Seattle Living with Renton Prices! Top 3 Reasons to Live in Renton Instead

Seattle is growing at a rapid pace, and it is only getting more crowded and more expensive. The region is booming with growing success of all of the industries that make up the diverse economy of the Puget Sound. Companies are growing, jobs are increasing, and investment is pouring in. With more and more people pouring into Seattle and Bellevue to work, prices and places are struggling to keep up.

For those unfamiliar with Renton, it is the up and coming sister city that is welcoming the overflow with gorgeous views and prices that are still affordable. Here are the top three reasons to consider living in Renton instead.

1) Save yourself the commute if you work for Boeing, Providence Health, or Paccar

Many workers are pouring into the Puget Sound region, not just into companies located in Seattle and Bellevue. Renton is the home of many companies, but for any traveling engineer, nurse, or professional coming to the region for one of the companies above, it’s best to keep the commute short and sweet. The Seattle and Bellevue traffic can be brutal during peak hours. The drive between Renton and Seattle, and Renton and Bellevue is very short during off-peak hours, which makes it perfect for play and leisure.

2) Gorgeous views at a fraction of the price.  

There are beautiful views all over Western Washington, but Renton has a beautiful variety of landscapes. From the Renton Highlands, to the Cascades and Mt. Rainier, to Lake Washington, you can find places to live with breathtaking views of the water, the mountains, and the valley without having to pay the premiums you would find in Seattle or Bellevue.

3) You have way more options.

Whether it’s food, shopping or entertainment, Renton is centrally located close to everything you might want. Aside from the concentration of restaurants, shopping, bars and activities in Renton Landing, it’s also a short distance from great hiking and camping too. Besides that, a quick ride down the 405 in either direction North or South will land you in Bellevue or Tukwila and all the options they have too.

For those who are new to the Pacific Northwest, and looking for an affordable place to live with all of the amenities anyone could need, Renton is definitely on the rise as a destination. Seasoned travelers and newbies alike will find plenty of hidden gems in and around Renton, though they won’t stay hidden for long.

Sunrise Suites Highlander has all the best that Renton has to offer, and with its convenient location right by the 405 on-ramp, it is the ideal location for anyone looking for a furnished luxury apartment at a reasonable price, with all the flexibility of a hotel.