Moving to Seattle? Here are some areas you should consider living in!

Seattle is getting increasingly expensive, and the cost is only increasing. With rent and real estate skyrocketing in the metropolitan core, many locals are moving out to nearby communities to experience Seattle living at a fraction of the cost. If you're moving to the area, here are some places you should check out.

Columbia City

This area is full of great restaurants and cool shops. The neighborhood is diverse, and though the area is rapidly developing, it still maintains its charm. Sound Transit provides a quick and easy way to get into Seattle without having to sit through the infamous traffic, though honestly, Columbia City has just about everything you could want in a quirky, upbeat neighborhood.

Beacon Hill

Like Columbia City, Beacon Hill is also rapidly changing. This area is fantastic if you like a lot of diverse ethnic cuisines. There are plenty of incredible restaurants and cool bars, not to mention accessible ethnic grocery stores. It still sits on the Light Rail path, so traveling north and south into and out of downtown Seattle is a breeze.


Shoreline is further north from Seattle, but it's a great community to live in. The real estate is still relatively affordable compared to Seattle, but that will likely change soon given the light rail stop that is slated to open in the next few years. 


Renton is probably one of the last places where you might conceivably get a waterfront view that you can actually live with. The Renton Valley is hugged by both the mountains and Lake Washington, which provides for stunning views that will likely become million dollar views in a few more years. Renton is currently considered the third leg of the Seattle-Bellevue development spree, and with the growing number of Seattlelites moving in, it's one of the great up and coming areas to settle down in.